Taking CCTV to the next level

As an example if the worst was to happen and you were broken into , there is nothing stopping the thief stealing your CCTV footage . Here at PnR CCTV we can record all your footage live and store it securely so there in theory would be nothing to steal on your premises (apart from camera itself). We can send you files on request (court/police evidence)give you access via ftp/smb . pretty much anything you require.

CCTV without the hassle

Here at PnR CCTV we want to make your CCTV work for you in the easiest way possible. A basic system would be one ip camera connected to the router and power , As simple as that leave the rest to us . We will 24/7 monitor your CCTV from remote location and give you 24/7 access to everything via any internet enabled device (alerts full clips etc) , Should any evidence be needed then its stored in the high security server remotely live (so no footage on your premises to steal) . We have all the basis covered and use the latest software to give the end user what they require without the hassle.

Full service for your CCTV

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No recording equipment needed on your premises only a network camera required

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Motion Detection & Alerts

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Other services

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